1. Compliant WiFi for your venue

Do you provide Guest WiFi to your customers?
If so, you must be Compliant with UK Legislation. 
KloudWiFi has the solution to keep you safe and secure.

at Golden Gate, Whitehouse Leisure and Sirior Bach

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Secure Guest WiFi From Wales Premier Telecom Experts

People hate being away from their phones, tablets and laptops. If your business isn’t providing access you’re missing a trick.

Once WiFi was a novelty - now it’s essential. “Do you have WiFi?” is now a game-changing question for any enterprise.

Now - with Kloud Wi-Fi your business can join the game …

 Your customers will come back because they know they can stay in touch.
It gives you a brand new income stream. It stops your clients going somewhere else.

 We make it easy for your customers to log on. You can give them a tailored home page - a free ad - while they’re actually there …

(Think about that for a moment!) You can change that in seconds - as and when you need.

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Choose your login method and organise your page


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You are now good to go with your new WiFi system

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Compliant WiFi 

One of the problems with WiFi is the possible misuse of your network. Our Kloud WiFi conforms with UK regulations to keep you and your guests safe.

Get Valuable Customer Insights

You can glean valuable tips about your customers with your very own data analysis. Using these insights you can serve your clients exactly what they need.

Target Right - Every Time

Giving your customers a great experience is vital. You want them back - time and time again. Kloud WiFi will give you the tools you need to do this - personalising your message along with your offers to them.

Easily Build Your Customer Database

Your customer’s preferences and habits are a vital part of what makes them your clients. Collecting their email addresses enables you to reach them and promote your services. With Kloud WiFi every time a customer uses the system, the email address is swiped and can be easily integrated with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or email marketing platform.

Have Flexible Settings

Kloud WiFi lets you tailor your Guest WiFi to suit your business - adjust the session duration, connection speeds - or even display different splash pages based on the login location..

Use Social Media Integration

With Kloud WiFi you can simplify your guests log in by using social media. Guests can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or other platforms to save them having to deal with new passwords or forms.

See who is connecting

With Kloud WiFi you can see at a glance who is using your service and get reports, on demand, for each access point, showing who is using it for what - and the time they spend online. This enables you to know how your guests are employing your WiFi so you can maximise your marketing. Our broadband monitoring also allows you to ensure your connection is working perfectly.

Reach Customers Automatically

Kloud WiFi’s ability to join your email system allows you to send emails at different stages of your customers visit - for example - a “thank you” when they leave - or a discount on something they liked - for next time. Some flowers in their room for a birthday or a glass of champagne for a celebration. Personalised messages get people engaged and coming back to you - seamlessly and automatically - by finding the “clues” in their usage.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Because WiFi has become normal and expected everywhere - people rely on it. If it is not there you are doing your business some serious damage. You cannot afford to be without WiFi and survive in today’s competitive marketplace. Kloud WiFi will will give you the edge when it comes to providing that connection to customers.

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WiFi is Here to Stay

71% of all mobile use is on a WiFi connection - this number is growing fast - every year.



WiFi is Key for Tablets

93% of tablet users use WiFi as their only way of connecting to the internet.



WiFi - Better than Coffee? 

75% of people say a week without WiFi would leave them more grumpy than a week without coffee!


We Brits Love WiFi

92% of the UK population have an internet connection! That is higher than the US, Germany & Japan.

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